Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Exciting new adventures

It's been a long time! No excuses apart from life getting in the way!

The year is flying by, but I love september.  The colours, the chilly mornings, and the chance to get back into wooly jumpers, although this year I havent really needed to put them away!  September also always feels like a new start, and this year it been quite a big one for this household.  George has moved up into year 1,"proper school" and Elsa has now started 2 mornings a week at a local playgroup, which she absolutely loves and skips in without even a glance back to me.  So this now means I have a bit more time, and so far I have grabbed it with both hands!

I am finally creating art that I love! I am using card and thread to bring to life the images and ideas that have so far just lived within the pages of my sketchbook, a development of the pin and thread art I have explored before.  I love the simplicity of threading lines, and the dramatic and dynamic images that can be created. I am really enjoying the feeling of creating again and I have so many ideas for different designs and different directions this could be taken in!

My plan is to finalise a group of pieces I am happy with and then look into my options to start to try and sell some, if people like them!!

It definitely is an exciting (and a little bit scary!) time for me, stepping out of my role of mum and wife, and doing something that I have always wanted to do but never really had the confidence to totally commit to.

Fingers crossed!!

 - Here are some examples of the pieces I have created so far, I would really appreciate any feedback or thoughts, thank you!