Sunday, 4 September 2011


I know September has only just arrived, but I'm so happy, I love the Autumn!

For me nothing beats a crisp, sunny Autumn day, 

golden leaves crunch under foot, and swirl in the air,

apples ready for picking, waiting to be made into a crumble,

hydrangeas fading, becoming even more beautiful,

walks in the park wrapped up in many knitted layers 

the warm vibrant colours.

What do you love about Autumn?

Celebrate Color

Friday, 26 August 2011

summer holidays

First a huge apology for the lack of posts, and also any development of art work!  

Due to recent events (see previous post), it being the school holidays, rubbish weather, and little Elsa also finding her little walking feet, I haven't had a minute to do anything, other than look after them and the house!  (and not sure how well I have stayed on top of that!)  So as soon as George starts school (still can't believe he is going to be starting school in a couple of weeks!) I will be getting myself organised on the HUGE list of blog posts I want to do, and my artwork, which is developing no end, in my head, and in my sketchbook!  I did manage a tentative start, however I have not had the time to go back to it since!  So in some ways I am dreading my little boy starting school, in other ways I can't wait to be able to get on with my enormous to do list!  

We have got an exciting weekend planned, with a bullet point itinerary, dress codes for each activity, no children and therefore SLEEP!  Will report back next week :)  

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Events over the past week have thrown me quite a bit.  

On Friday a lovely elderly lady who lived at the bottom of my road was brutally murdered, on her doorstep, for what looks like her hand bag.  I have been pretty shaken by this.  I didn't know her name before this and she didn't know mine, she was one of those people I recognised to say hello to and have a little bit of a chat about the weather, her dog, or she would laugh and smile at something George was doing. 

I can not even begin to understand someone who would do this, and it scares me that there are people like that, in the world.  You hear about things like this, and worse, happening on the news and of course it is sad but because this was someone I knew, happening somewhere I walk every day, it has really slapped me in the face.  

She didn't deserve this, NO ONE would deserve this.

I walked down the hill yesterday evening, the same way I do every day, usually with George running ahead and Elsa singing in the pushchair.  But it was different.  It was quiet.  I turned the corner, not to see the group of elderly ladies sat on their front garden walls passing the time of day, but to see police tape, policemen standing guard and white forensic tents.  

I laid down my flowers on the corner of the wall, and it hit me and I started to quietly cry.

I can not even start to imagine what her family must be going through at the moment.

It is just so cruel, unfair, unthinkable.

I have a wonderful family that I love beyond words.  
Things like this happening really remind you of what you have and to cherish it.  

These words are what I need to grab hold of and move forward.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Kielder (part 2)

So following on from my last post, we headed to Kielder in the car.  We timed it quite well as the heavens opened as we drove, following the waters edge.

Luckily when we parked at Kielder, the rain stopped.  However we then discovered that the little clip that  secures Elsa in the carrier had gone missing.  Given that she was trying to climb out of it even with it on there was no way we could risk using it without her secured in!!  So it was time to test her newly walking little legs! ...and it was quite a test!

First of all we made our way to Kielder Castle.

After our two tour guides checked the route!

We headed past the castle and down a path to the side, through the trees we found the Minotour Maze, by Nick Coombe and Shona Kitchen 2003.

This fantastic maze is made of gabions full of local stone.  You can see the centre, made up of contrasting recycled glass, poking over the top.  I can imagine, on a day where you can actually see the sun, this would be stunning, glistening, next to the grey stone.

Elsa loved toddling round!

George was so pleased with himself when he found the middle!  So pleased he had to do it again, and again, and again......

I found the contrast between the hard industrial gabions and the soft dry stone walls covered in moss and ferns beautiful.

We then made our way back to the castle and sat in the drizzle eating ice creams!

We had a wonderful day, despite the weather, and will definitely be heading back to see what else we can discover.  

Here is a link to see all the current art works at Kielder Water. 

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Kielder (part 1)

Well our mysterious trip on Sunday was to Kielder water and Forest Park.  It is about an hours drive north of  Hexham and is apparently the biggest man-made lake in northern Europe and the biggest working forest in England.  As you can see Northern England didn't disappoint, and the grey clouds came rolling in!  However there were a few breaks in the cloud, almost putting a spotlight on what a stunning and special place this is.  

What makes this place even more special, is that nestled amongst the natural scenery are little follies, sculptures, and shelters designed by different architects and artists.  

The first installation we came across on Sunday was the Play Garden by Zone Architects, created in 2006.  George absolutely loved it!  3 constructions resembling a cottage, barn, and castle are full of adventures!  Slides, ladders, look outs and climbing nets, I think George could have spent all day here!

We then ventured into the towering forest along the water.  The towering trees are incredible.

We then came across Shadow by Julia Barton 1995.  It consists of 8 parts weaving down the hill in local stone, creating shadows where there wouldn't be naturally.

We then headed back through the rustling trees.  The colours were so bright and the air hung with the smell of damp moss.  The sky was becoming more threatening and so we made our way back to the car to move to the northern most point of Kielder Water.  

I will write another post with our next discovery!

So sorry for the lack of posts.  The summer holidays are taking their toll and I am exhausted!  Plus Elsa has just started walking so I am constantly running after her!