Thursday, 10 May 2012

Time to share!

First of all I am so sorry about the lack of posts. There was an incident with a glass of orange juice and our lovely laptop (which was nothing to do with me may I just add!). So we are down to one computer and my husband needs it a lot for work so I don't often get a look in! I can't promise when the next post will be, but I will try my best to get back into a blogging groove!

In my profile on here and over on twitter I talk about my enthusiasm at getting creative again. I have been doing just that but at a very slow pace!  

 I have every respect for mums who run a house, look after their children, get creative, blog about it and some also work on top of all that! 
 (if you are one of these super mums, please let me know your secret to getting it all done!)

My sketchbook is full of ideas, and designs, and they are developing here faster than i can make them!  But I am now going to take the plunge and show you a little piece I have created.  I am enjoying creating works of line art, using pins and thread.

This is one of the first pieces I have completed.  I took inspiration from bokeh images, and my son thinks they look like snowflakes.  I plan to make 2 more pieces like this and present them in a group.  These are just a few quick photos I took before the light disappeared. 

I am looking forward to experimenting with more colour, forms, and methods of construction...not to give too much away!

(Argh!  Going to run and hide now!)


Emily Orpin said...

This is WONDERFUL! Love everything about it - the texture, colours and the lovely, lovely geometry. Can't wait to see more of your creations.

ruth said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I was incredibly nervous about putting something I had created here for everyone to see, so your kind words mean A LOT to me! I am looking forward to seeing where this creative journey is going to take me too! ;-)


Skin and Blister said...

AMAZING. I love this.