Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Well I thought I should start to record some of the things I have managed to make recently. Hopefully this will spur me on to get on with the HUGE list of things I need to make and revamp!
This is a Taggie blanket I made for Elsa. It's one of the first things I made with my sewing machine, and I just made it from left over bits of ribbon I had been saving, some curtain fabric from ikea and some floral fabric that was in a bundle of scraps I bought from a beautiful fabric shop in Galway. (The shop was Pippablue, it was fantastic, and the lovely woman who owns it was very very patient as I took FOREVER deciding what I was going to buy!)
I was pleased with how it turned out, I think Elsa is as well! I really like the combination of the colours and patterns with the plain curtain fabric. I think I need to work on my applique (if that's the right term!)

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