Friday, 26 August 2011

summer holidays

First a huge apology for the lack of posts, and also any development of art work!  

Due to recent events (see previous post), it being the school holidays, rubbish weather, and little Elsa also finding her little walking feet, I haven't had a minute to do anything, other than look after them and the house!  (and not sure how well I have stayed on top of that!)  So as soon as George starts school (still can't believe he is going to be starting school in a couple of weeks!) I will be getting myself organised on the HUGE list of blog posts I want to do, and my artwork, which is developing no end, in my head, and in my sketchbook!  I did manage a tentative start, however I have not had the time to go back to it since!  So in some ways I am dreading my little boy starting school, in other ways I can't wait to be able to get on with my enormous to do list!  

We have got an exciting weekend planned, with a bullet point itinerary, dress codes for each activity, no children and therefore SLEEP!  Will report back next week :)  

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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