Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Events over the past week have thrown me quite a bit.  

On Friday a lovely elderly lady who lived at the bottom of my road was brutally murdered, on her doorstep, for what looks like her hand bag.  I have been pretty shaken by this.  I didn't know her name before this and she didn't know mine, she was one of those people I recognised to say hello to and have a little bit of a chat about the weather, her dog, or she would laugh and smile at something George was doing. 

I can not even begin to understand someone who would do this, and it scares me that there are people like that, in the world.  You hear about things like this, and worse, happening on the news and of course it is sad but because this was someone I knew, happening somewhere I walk every day, it has really slapped me in the face.  

She didn't deserve this, NO ONE would deserve this.

I walked down the hill yesterday evening, the same way I do every day, usually with George running ahead and Elsa singing in the pushchair.  But it was different.  It was quiet.  I turned the corner, not to see the group of elderly ladies sat on their front garden walls passing the time of day, but to see police tape, policemen standing guard and white forensic tents.  

I laid down my flowers on the corner of the wall, and it hit me and I started to quietly cry.

I can not even start to imagine what her family must be going through at the moment.

It is just so cruel, unfair, unthinkable.

I have a wonderful family that I love beyond words.  
Things like this happening really remind you of what you have and to cherish it.  

These words are what I need to grab hold of and move forward.


Cat @ flutterbymama said...

Hi Ruth, just wanted you to know I've been thinking of you. This is a terrible crime and my heart goes out to her family and friends and also to those feeling vulnerable in your area.

I read the retweet about the incident today and was shocked to find out what actually happened. Your absolutely right, no one deserves this and I hope they catch the guy who did it.


ruth said...

thank you Cat. I just can't think what her family and friends must be going through. It is awful.

They have finally arrested the man they have been looking for, so I just hope they have caught the right man, charge him, and hopefully this will help people to start to move on here, but I don't think anyone living here will ever forget what happened.