Friday, 19 August 2011

Kielder (part 2)

So following on from my last post, we headed to Kielder in the car.  We timed it quite well as the heavens opened as we drove, following the waters edge.

Luckily when we parked at Kielder, the rain stopped.  However we then discovered that the little clip that  secures Elsa in the carrier had gone missing.  Given that she was trying to climb out of it even with it on there was no way we could risk using it without her secured in!!  So it was time to test her newly walking little legs! ...and it was quite a test!

First of all we made our way to Kielder Castle.

After our two tour guides checked the route!

We headed past the castle and down a path to the side, through the trees we found the Minotour Maze, by Nick Coombe and Shona Kitchen 2003.

This fantastic maze is made of gabions full of local stone.  You can see the centre, made up of contrasting recycled glass, poking over the top.  I can imagine, on a day where you can actually see the sun, this would be stunning, glistening, next to the grey stone.

Elsa loved toddling round!

George was so pleased with himself when he found the middle!  So pleased he had to do it again, and again, and again......

I found the contrast between the hard industrial gabions and the soft dry stone walls covered in moss and ferns beautiful.

We then made our way back to the castle and sat in the drizzle eating ice creams!

We had a wonderful day, despite the weather, and will definitely be heading back to see what else we can discover.  

Here is a link to see all the current art works at Kielder Water. 

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