Thursday, 18 August 2011

Kielder (part 1)

Well our mysterious trip on Sunday was to Kielder water and Forest Park.  It is about an hours drive north of  Hexham and is apparently the biggest man-made lake in northern Europe and the biggest working forest in England.  As you can see Northern England didn't disappoint, and the grey clouds came rolling in!  However there were a few breaks in the cloud, almost putting a spotlight on what a stunning and special place this is.  

What makes this place even more special, is that nestled amongst the natural scenery are little follies, sculptures, and shelters designed by different architects and artists.  

The first installation we came across on Sunday was the Play Garden by Zone Architects, created in 2006.  George absolutely loved it!  3 constructions resembling a cottage, barn, and castle are full of adventures!  Slides, ladders, look outs and climbing nets, I think George could have spent all day here!

We then ventured into the towering forest along the water.  The towering trees are incredible.

We then came across Shadow by Julia Barton 1995.  It consists of 8 parts weaving down the hill in local stone, creating shadows where there wouldn't be naturally.

We then headed back through the rustling trees.  The colours were so bright and the air hung with the smell of damp moss.  The sky was becoming more threatening and so we made our way back to the car to move to the northern most point of Kielder Water.  

I will write another post with our next discovery!

So sorry for the lack of posts.  The summer holidays are taking their toll and I am exhausted!  Plus Elsa has just started walking so I am constantly running after her!

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