Sunday, 19 June 2011

happy fathers day!

Well today is fathers day.  Unfortunately Ian wasn't feeling very well so any exciting plans went out the window.  But to be honest I think he enjoyed lazing around as much as any outing!

This was a lovely moment I caught this morning, of Ian trying to teach George and Elsa the joys of Aussie Rules Football!  Ian fell in love with the game when we lived over in Australia for 6 months, and so he keeps up to date with games over there online.  He also plays a few games back here in the UK when work will allow, as there is a small but growing league based all over the country.  I don't think they totally got the hang of it, but I think George would really enjoy playing the game when he is a bit older. 

(If you don't know anything about Aussie Rules it's 18 a side game, a cross between football and rugby, they play it on a oval, and they wear teeny tiny shorts and jump all over each other to get the ball - probably not a very correct summary of the game, but I feel it is all the important points, especially the shorts ;-) ! )

Here is the picture George and Elsa did for daddy - I think from George's description it should be called, 'Spotty Dog Dalmatian in the Sun.'

Now as we were not going anywhere today I felt I had better make a nice dinner!  I had seen a lovely recipe for chicken in the slow cooker at A Beach Cottage Blog, a wonderful inspirational blog I have just discovered.  Too Easy Forty Garlic Chicken  - here is a link to Sarah's recipe and her WONDERFUL photographs!  I seriously couldn't compete with photos of my chicken but here is just one to show you how it turned out and a big thank you to Sarah as it was delicious!!

Now for pudding!!

Well the one pudding I can always rely on is crumble.  It's strange when I was younger I couldn't stand any kind of cooked fruit, I just thought it tasted all wrong!  But luckily my tastes have developed and now I couldn't get enough of it.  I am also relatively new to the world of baking. 

This is mainly due to my allergies.  I am allergic to eggs and all dairy, so when I was younger it was very difficult to get hold of dairy and egg free items let alone egg substitute.  However as it seems to be fashionable at the moment, for healthy eating, the supermarkets are embracing 'free from products' which of course I am loving!  I will probably write a whole different post on the joys of allergies, and maybe do a regular cooking experiment or something..... not sure watch this space! 

Anyway back to the crumble...

I actually discovered this recipe from, 'Annabel Karmel's New Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner'  I have used this recipe so much whenever I open the book it naturally falls open at this page!

I follow the recipe for the crumble topping (and make lots of it as it is LOVELY!)  then tend to just use what fruit we have in.

For the topping ...

150g plain flour

a pinch of salt

100g cold butter ( I obviously use dairy free spread)

rub together till it resembles breadcrumbs

mix in 50g rolled oats and 75g of soft brown sugar

We get a veg box delivered once a week and there were some lovely raspberries that needed to be used, raspberries it was!

Now here it gets a bit naughty!  Normally I would add more fruit like some apples or more berries, but we didn't really have any spare as I need all the apples for snacks for George after nursery.  So I decided to drizzle over the raspberries a little of our home made plum wine/liquor! 

We have a plum tree in our back garden and it produced so many last year we were searching for things to do with them.  We made a lot of jam!  Then this wine which turned out to be pretty potent, although it is lovely mixed with lemonade!

cover with topping

and enjoy!!!! 

I love it with either custard, made with soya milk, or dairy free ice cream.

As you can probably suss from the daffodils this isn't the same crumble as the one I made today was eaten before I could take a photo!! 

Would just like to finish by saying happy fathers day again to my husband, who really is the most wonderful dad for George and Elsa.  Also to my own dad, who I love dearly. 


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