Wednesday, 8 June 2011

House Tour #1

I have always loved interiors and design, starting when I was a child, moving the furniture around my bedroom to find the perfect layout. I then went on to painting some of the furniture when I had enough of moving it round! This led me to study architecture - I wonder if this is how all the great architects started out!
We are renting the house we are currently living in, so totally redecorating has been out of the question. I am really enjoying trying to make our house our home, kind of in the same way I used to rearrange my bedroom!
I would like to take you on a tour of our house, and show you what I have done. There is still a HUGE list of projects so this may take some time!
My favourite spot in our house is my side of the bed, partly because I am very rarely here!
We have 2 children who think 5.30am is a reasonable time to get up, so time spent here is sacred. It also houses some of my most precious possessions, I love that I can wake up each morning and these are the first things I see (as well as my husband!).
The bedside table was a lucky find on Freecycle, and had already been painted a cream, and sanded for a shabby chic effect.
Underneath I have a stash of books and magazines that are waiting to be read, or are half read, and are patiently waiting in the basket, for me to have a spare 5 minutes. (They are very patient!)
Hanging on the drawer handle is a little lace lavender heart given to be by my mum. It was in a set of 4, and I have them all hung around the bedroom on different handles, each one is different and although the fragrance has all but gone they are so pretty they are staying put.
The book is actually a notebook with a lovely cover illustrated with different types of roses. I need to keep a notebook by the bed to write my many lists in, and stop my head from spinning while I am trying to sleep. I love lists, they make me feel just a little bit organised!
The lamp is very simple cylinder of frosted glass. I love it for its simplicity but looking again maybe something taller, more interesting, might fill this space better? What do you think?
The pink rose was just picked from our garden this evening. It is from a large rose bush that grows next to the path to our front door. We didn't plant it so I have no idea what kind of rose it is (even if we had planted it I would have probably forgotten by now what kind it was!) The flowers have the most amazing scent, and every year as soon as the buds appear I am itching for them to open to allow me cut just a few to bring into the house. It just sits in a jam jar.
The music box was Mor Mor's. (My Grandma was Norwegian and so we called her Mor Mor, the Norwegian for mothers mother - I will hopefully write some more about her at some point as she was an incredible woman whom I miss immensely) I love the fact that somewhere along the way the bird has lost its beak, and I love that whenever the lid is lifted (now often by my son who refers to it as 'my magic box!') I am back in Mor Mor's bedroom, listening to the slow melody, playing with her buttons from her sewing box. I also have that sewing box now, and it is on my list for a little tlc, so hopefully I will be showing you pictures of it sooner rather than later!
On the bed is our brand new Orla Kiely duvet cover! I think this is my favourite of all her patterns to date. Another post is waiting to written about me and my relationship with patterns and colours - bet you can't wait! Just a year or so ago I would never have chosen this duvet, or had anything apart from white.
Finally, the flowers hanging from the bed post were from my wedding dress. I didn't actually wear them on the day as I
wore Mor Mor's broach in their place. (which I think looked much better!) Having them there though takes me back to one of the most important and special days of my life!

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