Friday, 5 August 2011

my favourite thrifting place

Our favourite antiques place is GB Antiques Centre in Lancaster.  We always have to visit when staying with family and it is where all the finds I have blogged about are from.

It is on the site of an old Hornsea Pottery Factory, and has many examples on the shelves.

It is set up with individual 'stalls' of varying size, and each one sells such different things!  You can find everything here!

Some stalls are just like a car boot, where as others are run by people who are selling items of furniture that have been revamped, or a few sell original handmade furniture.

The photos I have taken cover just a very small percentage of what you will find here.

Most items are really decently priced, you can definitely find bargains!

and it is HUGE, a couple of warehouses in size!

See what I mean - randomness around every corner!

As with everywhere there are stalls with just rubbish on, but I guess someone's rubbish will be another persons treasure!

tool anyone?!?!

It does cost £1.50 per adult to get in! - but it is worth it if you are like us and can't go without buying at least 1 thing!

Above is an example of some of the handmade furniture.

The stall above is called 'a different corner' and does lots of painted furniture.  We really liked the hat stand above.  We have also bought a chest of drawers and some wicker furniture from her before.

Again as I said my photos hardly cover any of the vast space!

I would really recommend a visit!


rachelle said...

i practically live there...altho not visited as much since my lovely stal 337 closed down..rx

ruth said...

Oooh which stall was that? where was it?! How did you find it as a seller there?

Cat @ flutterbymama said...

Now you just make me NEED to go there! Not fair as I struggle for time anyhow. I got butterflies (or flutterbys) when I saw the pic with WG pottery, the blue and white coffee pots, the coffee cups and the rows of glass. Is it open at weekends? Please say yes!!!!

I have a little place I get lots of my larger items from but not sure about sharing it yet?! It's much smaller than this place but a little treasure trove. Thanks for're much nicer than I am...x

ruth said...

You do need to visit! It is open every day apart from christmas day!

Just make sure you leave some good stuff for me;)