Tuesday, 2 August 2011


This is where you can normally find me in the evenings.
Note: New small circular 50s table that is a perfect for the computer!
(and maybe a small glass of wine!)

I thought I would write a post about what I am thinking at the moment.

As I think I have explained earlier I have rediscovered my love for Mid Century design, and I have been quietly mulling over the idea of setting up a shop selling up cycled mid century furniture.  Now I have looked into it more I have decided I won't go down this path, well not at the moment anyway!  We really do not have the space needed for this kind of business now, plus I think it would take me a long time to build up stock.  Now when I find any lovely pieces they can be for just me!

While doing research I discovered a few fantastic shops selling mid century furniture, which I have drooled over!  I will do another post with links to share with you these beauties!

I have always been a creative person.  I was always drawing and making when I was a child, which led me to study architecture.  I studied at a College of Art rather than on a course based at a uni as I wanted to be surrounded by creative people.  This was incredibly inspirational, and enjoyable!  However, although I was in this environment, architecture didn't really allow me any time for exploring other creative arts, scrap that it didn't really allow me any time for ANYTHING  else!  So although I enjoyed making models, creating displays and drawings, and designing, it didn't really allow me the luxury of creating just for creating sake.  Pretty soon after leaving college I got married, our little boy arrived and we moved!  So any time or energy for anything other than looking after my family went out of the window!  

Up until recently my life has still just been focused on my family, with the arrival of my daughter, but after she turned 1 I started to crave something for myself, something of me back again, I was not just mummy, however much I love that role, I needed something for just me.  That was partly why I created this blog, to document this journey and help me with the search!

When I discovered the world of blogging, I was instantly drawn to the craft and design blogs.  Here were people doing what I would love to do.  Combining family life with a business creating things that they loved and were so passionate about.  I wanted to be part of that world.  But what would I do?  I needed to find what in this world was my passion, that I could create and enjoy, that would work for us.  

I have revisited lots of the crafts I used to do when I was younger.  My mum tried to teach me how to knit again, I managed a few rows!  I tried sewing again and made a few bits, like some cushions, the taggie blanket and a PE bag for George.  I made a few bits of furniture and revamped some, but none of this got me passionate, itching to do more.

But I think I may have found what I love!  Now I am going to really annoy you now as I am not going to tell you what this is, yet.  Mainly because I want to work on it a bit more before I unveil it.  But my sketchbook is once again constantly by my side!  It feels good to have it around again, and a really good feeling filling it up with sketches of ideas!  Waking up in the middle of the night just to get an idea down on paper!

I love this feeling!  I hope it lasts!

Now to make a few and see if what I am sketching actually is a possibility!  (I had to wait till we got back from being away and to buy a few things before I got going - frustrated doesn't come close!)  

Finally tonight I can get started, it will take a while, but I will enjoy the process, and I promise to show you something when it's ready!

PS. If anyone could recommend a good digital SLR camera i would really appreciate it!!


Cat @ flutterbymama said...

Ruth, I'm more than intrigued. Hope you tell us soon what it is you've discovered.

Do you have a price range in mind for a digital SLR. Professionally I use a Nikon D2X and my point and shoot is a canon. I definitely side with Nikon but I know like for like Nikon can be pricier than Canon but Canon can also feel more plasticy. Let me know what you want it for and a price range and I can help advise you. x

ruth said...

Probably bigging it up more than I should! but I am really enjoying it!

I was thinking £500 or less. Couldn't really justify spending any more. The camera I've got at the moment is a canon ixus 75, so not the best, think my phone does better quality photos! I would like a new camera to take better pictures of the kids, better pictures for the blog, and my art in case after a bit of practice I maybe try selling it on Etsy or something, and just better photography in general. Would like one that has a lens that can take photos with the foreground in focus and the background blurred, if that makes sense~?! can you tell i really know NOTHING about cameras!?!

Thank you so much I would really appreciate some guidance!