Friday, 29 July 2011

rocking chair

When we discovered we were expecting our second child I knew I wanted to get some kind of rocking chair to help me through those LONG nights!

We kept an eye on Freecycle, and when a rocking chair was offered we snapped it up with out even seeing it.  

This is the chair after we picked it up.  As you can see it was pretty tired, worn and scratched.  
What was lovely was that the gentleman who we collected it from said that he had bought the chair for his wife when she was expecting their first child.  

The actual cushion pads were in ok condition, it was just the fabric cover that needed to be replaced.  
The wooden frame really needed to be sanded down, and I decided to paint it white.

Now when I chose the fabric to cover the cushions, I was going through a bit of a phase thinking I was going to have another boy, so it was covered in this stripy fabric from Ikea.  I must also add this was the first time I had used a sewing machine since school, and I had never covered cushions before, so the quality is definitely not great!

Once Elsa arrived and I started to sort out her nursery, things took a very definite girly direction!  I think that happens after you have had a boy first, you really embrace the pink and the flowers and all things pretty, well I certainly have!!

So the stripes started to look very out of place.  As a temporary measure I have wrapped the cushions with a sheet and draped over the woolen blanket my grandmother knitted for me when I was a baby.
The lovely cushion was a present from a friend, and the painted  roses chest of drawers was from 
GB Antiques on a previous visit.  

I will do another post about this place as we visited last weekend and I picked up a few lovely pieces, and took some photos while we were there to illustrate what an Aladdin's cave it is!

When I have the time I would really love to recover the cushions, possibly in this gorgeous fabric from 

Birch Forest in Robins Egg

Apologies for the poor photographs again!  But here it is. 

It really has been the perfect nursing chair.  The perfect height, really comfy, and has seen me through A LOT of nights! 
(My daughter didn't think it would be a good idea to sleep through the night till she was 14 months!)

If anyone could recommend a good camera I would really appreciate it.  
I have persuaded hubby a camera would be a fantastic birthday present! 
I am thinking some kind of digital SLR but I really have no clue so any help would be appreciated!!

Thank you!

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