Wednesday, 27 July 2011

birthday boy!

Today my beautiful boy is 4!

This is an image of the card I made for him.
It has turned into a bit of a tradition in our house for me to make birthday cards with the number made up of images of that year.  I really love the evenings looking through all our photos (believe me it takes a LONG LONG time looking through hundreds of photos!)  Remembering all the good times, laughter, mischief, and mayhem!  It always amazes me how much they have grown up in just 1 year.  They will be really lovely to keep and look back on when they are much older, and I will really enjoy his 18th birthday card when I think I will have to use images from all his cards, not just that year!

George has had a wonderful day.  His big present from us was a trampoline, nothing to do with trying to tire him out so he actually sleeps!  He loved it though and was out there first thing this morning in his pjs!

His party was at a soft play centre near us.  We have been to so many of these, but he loves them, they do everything apart from the cake for you, and the mess is not at our house, wins all round!!

We then spent a glorious afternoon having water pistol fights in the garden!

I can not believe my little boy is 4!

Happy birthday my beautiful boy :)


abeachcottage said...

Look at him on that trampoline, he absolutely loves it! Happy birthday to him. Thanks for sharing at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

ruth said...

He does! Thank you and sorry for the delayed reply!