Saturday, 2 July 2011

beautiful bags

Traditionally women are either love shoes or love bags,

I definitely LOVE bags!

I have quite a few, not very expensive, I just lust after those!  When I lived in Edinburgh I used to really enjoy walking round the ground floor of Harvey Nicks with my imaginary shopping basket.  I love all kinds of bags, big huge ones with lots of pockets, down to tiny little pretty ones that hardly hold anything at all but look beautiful, as that really is their main function!

My love of bags started at an early stage, and I remember looking through my mum's big tan leather handbag, sat on our kitchen rug.  Bags are so personal and they have such an important job, guarding all our precious possessions while out in the big bad world!  (and did I mention they have to look good too!)

Like with everything as my tastes have changed so has the kind of bags I like.  For most of my teenage years I really didn't like patterns or bright colour.  A good adjective for that era ( the 90s) I would use would be "Beige".  Bags had to be very simple, clean lines and well made.  I still like them to be these things, but I am now starting to embrace both colour and pattern!

Now my husband would kill me if I brought another bag home, he just doesn't understand!  So I thought I would do a little virtual shopping and do a little regular post about gorgeous bags I have discovered, and we can all admire them from afar!

This week I saw a tweet from Orla Kiely, (well I'm sure it's not actually her but you know what I mean!) drew my attention to her

I love the touch of bright orange (it also comes in a brown/sky colour combination) but I think the orange is really fresh.  It has a long shoulder strap, which is pretty important for me at the moment allowing me to have 2 hands free to grab escaping children!  Pockets!  Just look at those lovely little pockets to hold your keys or phone, beautifully detailed with a little flower on the popper.

Ahh I can dream!

Are you a bag or a shoe lady?! 

Do you have any gorgeous bags you lust over, or if you are very lucky own?! 
Please share your beauties with me!

Join me again for some more beautiful bags!



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