Tuesday, 19 July 2011


I started writing this blog for me.

An outlet for me to be me, to say what I want, and to work out exactly who that is.

I feel I haven't found my voice yet, which frustrates me.

Then I came across this wonderful film on the Craft Blog UK, and it really struck a chord.  I love both the sentiment and the performance of the message!

So I wanted to post it here so I could refer to it whenever I am feeling lost.

I will get there!


virginia said...

yes! it's taken years and only now I think I am sort of getting there, it's also a lot about self confidence which doesn't come naturally to most of us, keep going! v x

ruth said...

Thank you for your encouraging words! Yes I definitely think it's going to take me time, I'm just a bit of a perfectionist so I get frustrated that everything I'm doing isn't matching up to what is in my head! Also I think you are spot on about self confidence, I'm not good at that at all! I will keep going, I will get there!
Thank you!
ps. I LOVE your work!!

Cat @ flutterbymama said...

You already know I'm totally with you on the confidence thing. I too am a perfectionist, I think most of us are, but I'm beginning to understand that people don't always want perfection. They are looking for a one off or something made with love. I personally would rather buy something that had flaws than to buy mass produced so I'm sure you'll do well if you keep going. ;)

ruth said...

Thanks again Cat!!

I have been having a real wobble about things over the past couple of weeks, as you can probably tell! Feeling much better now though, your encouraging words really do help, I really appreciate them!

Right no more moaning from now on I promise ;)