Tuesday, 5 July 2011

thank you cards

Well I FINALLY finished the thank you cards for Elsa's baptism!  I know it has taken me ages, but we have been ill and they are the most ambitious cards I have attempted - well that's my excuse any way! 

So I thought I would show you what I have been slaving over!

I wanted them to be a bit more than just a normal folded card.  I wanted them to be a bit of a record of the day with quite a few images and I wanted to include a little gift for everyone to say thank you for coming, and remind people of the day.

I made it a 3 fold card.  Each face has a faded background image of the day, such as the teacups, cakes or decorations.  Then on top of that image I placed smaller opaque images of Elsa and other important images.  With photoshop I added photo corners to these smaller images to give it a look like my Grand mother's photo albums. 

I decided to give everyone a packet of seeds they could sow and remember the day.  I created a doily pocket on the last face of the card by using half a doily folded in half.  I really like how these turned out and they link back to the decorations and feel of the day.

I really enjoy making cards, making them more personal, and making a bit more effort than just picking up a pack from Clintons, (although I have done that as well, as sometimes you just don't have the time!)  

Next card on the list is George's 4th birthday card, I have started a bit of a tradition with the children's birthday cards and I will show you after his birthday! 
(Not that I think he will read this blog, but you never know he is very computer literate already! ;-) ) 

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